Jim Bob’s Last Drive-In

Vicious Vegas Valentine As a follow-up to his Ghoultide Get-together to celebrate the Christmas season, Joe Bob Briggs and Mail Girl Darcy are back with Vicious Vegas Valentine complete with the first-ever wedding as part of the special. Officiated by Joe Bob himself, the special unfolds as his trusty (not so trusty) assistants get the... Continue Reading →

Creepshow Season 4

It has been announced the long-awaited Season 4 of Creepshow will premiere on Shudder on September 25, 2023. Adding to this anthology of tales from executive producer Greg Nicotero from the Walking Dead fame, Season 4 has been promised to be chock full of spine-tingling, creepy, and horrific tales of the macabre. As a long-time... Continue Reading →

Not Enough Hours In A Day

Part One They say “Do what you love, and everything will work out in the end.” That is sound advice. As an aging full-time employee of a major auto manufacturer, father of two, husband, and aspiring musician. I, like many others who can relate to this, find my life unfulfilled professionally, creatively, and spiritually. So... Continue Reading →

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