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Lee Callaghan

Artist Manager, Copywriter, Musician, and Artist


Cultural Oddity is my pet project where I write and discuss the other side of popular culture. I am a fan of the horror genre in every media. I enjoy psychobilly music while leaning toward classical orchestral pieces. Horror scores can be heard playing while I write. Also, a connoisseur of Kaiju movies, and Godzilla flicks being played regularly in my house. Even my two children love hearing the monstrous roar, every time Godzilla is ready to attack.

My company Evolution Music Press allows me the pleasure of experiencing new music from all of today’s greatest immerging artists. Offering reviews and bio writing services, I help artist build their press kits to ensure success.

Studied English literature at the University of Toronto, I also hold a degree in Recorded Music Production. With this, I write stories, poetry, and score music for the horror genre.


For a more detailed tale of my journey please read this blog post


Get in touch

Lee is always available for side collaborations and to assist you with your projects. If you want to chat about horror, books, music, anime, or anything Godzilla, don’t hesitate in reaching out.


For other works please check out Evolution Music Press


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