Jim Bob’s Last Drive-In

Vicious Vegas Valentine

As a follow-up to his Ghoultide Get-together to celebrate the Christmas season, Joe Bob Briggs and Mail Girl Darcy are back with Vicious Vegas Valentine complete with the first-ever wedding as part of the special. Officiated by Joe Bob himself, the special unfolds as his trusty (not so trusty) assistants get the wonderful Mutant family fans Oliver & Shelby ready for their Elvis-themed Vegas chapel wedding.

In the light of love, this Valentine’s special features the slasheresque film Phantom of the Mall: Eric’s Revenge and the German film Nekromantik. With plenty of facts and divergences, these films are not the most entertaining part of this special, but the banter between Jowe Bob and Darcy is living up to what I feel is the larger role given to Darcy the Mailgirl. As Joe Bob continues to digress into fun facts of Vegas history, mobster lore, and the chapel ceremonies, Darcy is continually trying to reel Joe Bob back in and keep him on the topic of the films at hand. Unfortunately, these films really don’t have much in speakable moments to discuss.

This special is high on laughs and facts yet lacking in any sort of memorable mentions or anecdotes. The wedding was a clear winner for the special even if the films lacked in any appealing quality. I guess this is the price to license films these days. The most I am taking out of this special is the connection Joe Bob Briggs is making with his fan core, The Mutant Family, and the increased camera time Darcy is receiving. I am not sure if I like the new role as the constant eye-rolling, impatient, and sullen co-host as she is unsure whether Joe Bob should have her attention or her phone. This is a work in progress, as these characters continually grow together, and tolerance should be practiced going forth, as is not being seen in the comment section of the special on Shudder.

Rating 5/10 for:

  • Historically fun facts
  • Assistants playing their roles with campy proficiency
  • Trying a bigger role for Darcy
  • Terrible movie selection

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