Care Failure; the spirit of Queen West, Toronto

For those familiar with the Queen West scene in Toronto Ontario, we use words like goth, punk, bohemian, hardcore, metal, gangsta, and the hood. Although Queen West is all of those things it is also Merchants, Artists, Crafters, Hipsters, Punks, and every other walk of life living relatively cohesively together in relative harmony. This relative... Continue Reading →

The Last Of Us

Spoiler Heavy review of The Last of Us So the season finale of the highly acclaimed show, The Last Of Us has come and gone, with many reviewers and critics losing their minds about how great this show was and all the wonderful things the writers were able to accomplish in this post-apocalyptic world filled... Continue Reading →

Happy International Woman’s Day

To celebrate International Woman's Day with our unique Horror twist, we pay homage to Alice, the original Final Girl in Friday the 13th. She later reprised her role in Friday the 13th Part 2, and in the fan film Jason Rising. Played by Adrienne King, Alice is the slasher film equivalent to the enduring spirit... Continue Reading →

Mind Leech

Sucks To Be You Writer Christopher Cheeseman directs and produces this Canadian independent gem, Mind Leech. A story of a little area (filmed in my backyard), that is infected with a mind-controlling/ sucking leech making its hosts kill. And not just any kills, we have axe murders to the guts, knives to the forehead, axe... Continue Reading →

Weep Now Or Nevermore

Yearning for a poem of remorse and regret. Edgar Allen Poe (1809 - 1849) the great American writer, poet, editor, and literary critic best known for his poetry and short stories penned Lenore in 1831 under the title ‘A Pæan.’. Still a beloved poem that is criticized, reviewed, and studied almost two hundred years later.... Continue Reading →

The 2023 Crunchyroll Anime Awards

And the award goes to... Congratulations to Cyberpunk Endrunners for snagging Anime of the Year. Other notable winners include One Piece for Best Continuing Series, Lycoris Recoil for Best Original Anime, and Spy X Family for Best New Series. The biggest winners include Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba with 6 awards and Attack on Titan... Continue Reading →

Spoonful of Sugar

From Director Mercedes Bryce Morgan, Spoonful of Sugar is a slow-burn thriller with a generally ambiguous plot line that follows Millicent (Morgan Saylor) as she becomes a caregiver to young Johnny (Danilo Crovetti). Johnny being a mute special needs child with severe allergies, to just about anything writer Leah Saint Marie can throw in, also... Continue Reading →


Slow burn thriller, short on scares, but deep in story and excitement From director Gabriel Bier Gislason, Attachment is a psychological thriller that focuses on two main heroines and their journey to find happiness together. Maja and Leah meet at the most coincidental of places but seem to kindle a burning flame for each other... Continue Reading →

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